Credit Bureau of Albert Lea
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About Us...
The   Credit   Bureau   of   Albert   Lea   has   been   in   operation   and   located   in Albert   Lea,   Minnesota   since   1913.      Along   with   its   longevity   comes   a wealth   of   knowledge   about   the   credit   and   collections   industry.      The Credit    Bureau    of    Albert    Lea    has    been    a    member    of    the    ACA International,   The   Association   of   Credit   and   Collection   Professionals since    1982.    The    ACA    is    the    world's    largest    and    most    respected international   trade   association   of   third-party   collection   businesses.   We are a company you can trust. The   owners   of   the   agency   are   Bradley   S.   Edwin   and   Victoria   Abrego Edwin.   The   CBAL   has   taken   tried   and   proven   methods   of   collection   and added   the   newest   technology   to   become   more   efficient   and   effective   in the   company’s   collection   efforts.   The   Credit   Bureau   has   the   basic   idea of   being   the   ‘best   collection   agency’   in   the   industry.   First,   by   providing exceptional    customer    service    to    our    business    clients.    Second    is demonstrating   professional   service   to   the   consumers   from   whom   we recover   debt.   Finally   by   providing   ever-changing   opportunities   to   an excellent staff of employees. The   CBAL   is   staffed   by   experienced   personnel   who   are   exceptionally knowledgeable   about   collection   techniques.   Our   superior   skill   sets   are developed     through     extensive     training     programs     and     continuous evaluations. The   Credit   Bureau   of   Albert   Lea   represents   clients   in   every   conceivable industry    and    does    business    throughout    the    United    States.    We    are active    in    the    business    community    through    membership    in    various professional organizations and committees.
Bradley S. Edwin Director of Operations
Victoria Abrego Edwin Director of Collections and Client Relations