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Obtaining a Loan
When   getting   a   loan   to   help   pay   your   bills,   there   are   many   different   options   and opportunities.    You    may    be    able    to    refinance    your    home    our    get    a    second mortgage.   There   are   also   home   improvement   loans   available.   Also,   you   may   be able   to   refinance   an   auto,   boat   or   motorcycle   you   currently   own.   Other   loan options   may   be   borrowing   from   your   retirement   plan.   Another   option   may   be   a personal loan. You may need collateral or a co-signer to receive this type of loan. Keep   in   mind   that   every   lending   institution   is   different   when   assessing   your   credit   history   and   score.   They   want   to   give   you   a loan;   you   just   have   to   pass   their   ‘risk   assessment’.   If   you   are   turned   down,   don’t   give   up   there,   ask   what   needs   to   be   done to   help   your   financial   situation   and   increase   your   chances   of   obtaining   a   loan.   And   always   try   another   bank   or   credit   union; their ‘risk assessment’ of you may be very different. Always   check   out   two   or   three   different   loan   programs   to   insure   you   are   getting   the   best   deal   or   lowest   interest   rate   and most favorable terms available.